Rory's debut album. Blending traditonal: Irish Folk, American Folk, Blues and Bluegrass, with Original Songs. This album is a look into the background of an up and coming folk artist who will be are for years to come!

Featuring: Martin Jack Rosenblum, Mike Hoffmann, Trifecta Banjo Association, Blarney, Randy Gosa, Christopher Chan, T.J. Hull, Molly Modlinski, Miles Plant, and Christian Tomsey. 


This Album is Correctly Titled,

The Swell over the past decade of what is by now called roots music in America has risen to include many different artists, some of whom have learned theirs songs well and some who have suddenly discovered that the songs they already learned quite well, are now new again.
    Rory certainly suits the latter category.
    He grew up performing in a folk music environment and writes his own songs as a direct result; moreover, we have with the album: Roots the perfect blend of traditional and original song, with both in a condition of sparkling moonlight in which those who have seen the music of the day, come and go live under. There is an enduring midnight path in these songs that Rory Modlinski walks with expertise, yes, but also with a natural stride with which few can keep pace.

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum
Rounder Records Recording Artist

Roots - Physical Copy