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"The swell over the past decade of what is by now called roots music in America has risen to include many different artists, some of whom have learned theirs songs well and some who have suddenly discovered that the songs they already learned quite well, are now new again. Rory certainly suits the latter category."
-Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum Rounder Records Recording Artist.
The Number Nine - Rory Modlinski featuring Martin Jack Rosenblum, Mike Hoffmann, and T.J. Hull
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Rarely do you encounter someone with the passion, commitment, and talent as you do when you work with Rory Modlinski. He's an absolute joy to collaborate with and we are honored and blessed to have him on this recording!
-Dave Stevens
  The Gleasons
Rory Modlinski is steeped in the tradition of Irish music all of his life. Learning at the feet of Tommy Makem, Schooner Fare and Blarney, he strengthens the traditions with Bluegrass and American Folk music as well as original songs. He released his first solo album entitled, "Roots," which was met with rave reviews. Rory is also a member of the Milwaukee based Celtic Rock Band, War Piper, as well as a member of the Milwaukee based Progressive Bluegrass Band, Renegade Retrograss.
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